Tifgreen 328
Tifgreen is used on putting green on golf courses. It's used on home lawns that want that "putting green" look. It's kelly green in color with a fine-bladed texture. A reel mower is recommended for a manicured look. It needs to be mowed once a week.
Tifway 419
Perfect for home use, due to it's beautiful dark green color. Along with its fine to fine to medium blade width it provides both softness and durability. If Tifway is damaged it repairs itself quickly. It's used on athletic fields and golf fairways. This carpet like grass is perfect for the active family. It can be mowed once a week with a a reel or rotary mower.
Santa Ana
Temporarily unavailable
Very similar to TIfway, with a slightly finer blade width. It also has a beautiful dark green color, and fine to medium blade width. It's texture makes Santa Ana very soft to walk on. In summer months it grows quickly and needs to be mowed every 5 to 7 days. And if damaged will recover quickly. Santa Ana can be mowed with either a reel or rotary mower.
Very popular low maintenance grass, that is known for its durability, deep blue green color and thicker blade width. Great for dogs and heavy traffic. Needs mowed every 7 to 10 days. This is perfect grass for homeowner looking for easiest care, drought tolerant, longer mowing times, durability.

What type of grass do you need to make your yard the long lasting, beautiful feature of your home?

New variety, very similiar to Tifway 419, deep green color, very dense, fine bladed and drought tolerant.This is the only hybrid bermuda grass that will do well in sun and moderate shade, needs at least 3 to 4 hours of filtered sun. Mow once a week,

Palmetto-St. Augustine
Is the only grass that does well in  shady and sunny areas  in our hot summer months. St. Augustine is not a hybrid-bermuda grass. It's blade width is thicker, but has a soft texture. Benefits of St. Augustine is that it's a slower growing grass for easy low mainenance. Unlike hybrid-bermuda grasses,  you can't overseed in the fall, but every spring/summer it will green up!
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