Is there any grass that will stay year round?
Not in our wonderful Phoenix climate. However, the grass is available all year round. The base grass, the hybrid bermuda, is a spring/summer grass (May through Oct.). Every spring the grass will green up when the temperatures reach 65 degrees at night. It will come back year after year. In order to have grass year round, you'll need to overseed in the fall. The best time is mid-October. We highly recommend fine-bladed perennial rye grass seed. And it's fine if you don't overseed, it will go dormant after first hard frost, but will green up again in spring.

I love the look and feel of they hybrid grasses, can I grow it from seed? 
No, these grasses are male/sterile/hybrid/pollen free grasses which have been bred and crossbred to withstand our intense summer temperatures and don't produce any seedheads,  

My sod was delivered last night, do I need to put it down right away?
Yes, especially in the hot summer months, it needs to be put down as soon as possible, begin laying it as early as possible. Also, in winter months, you need to put it down as soon as possible. Sod is a living plant. The sooner you put it down, the less it's "stressed" out.

I've got regular nasty Bermuda grass and I want to put in this beautiful hybrid Bermuda sod in. What do I need to do? 
You need to kill it with a stestemic killer. The Bermuda grass needs to be green (spring/summer months). Spray grass areas where you want "killed", per directions. Be careful when spraying. It will "kill" everything that's green and growing. Wait 10 to 15 days, then mow, weed whip, then remove all debris, clippings. Try to get the grade as smooth and level as possible. If you have low areas, you can fill in with sand to level.

My grass is getting really thick and it's hard to mow, what do I need to do?
If you've had your grass for awhile, at least 1 to 2 years, you'll need to dethatch or vericutt. The best time to do this is in spring or fall if you're going to overseed (right before you overseed) or in the spring if you don't overseed. Dethatching is like pruning your plants. It's "cutting it back" to bring in new growth, which in turn makes it healthier. 

My dogs have gone on the grass and it's turning yellow. Is it killing my grass, help!
This is very common problem, the dog urine doesn't "kill" the grass, it burns the grass. Male dogs are less of a problem, than female dogs, due to males spraying and females squatting down to urinate. One of the best remedies is to "rinse" the grass with a garden hose, it really helps. There are also products available at local pet retail stores that helps.

I've put my sod down, and it's turning bluish-gray color, what did I do wrong? 
Nothing, this is a very common problem, especially in summer months. If you directly apply water immediately to it, it will come back and green up again. It's gone into the first step of shock. Water frequently (garden hose) areas affected and it will green up again.

My grass turned bluish-gray and now it looks like "straw", what happened? 
What happened, water was not applied when the sod turned bluish-gray, so it's gone into the second stage of shock. WATER, WATER, WATER, it will green up! 

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